Brother XR9000 Sewing Machine Review

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The Brother XR9000 sewing machine takes the best of several similar models and packages those features in a sleek white and blue design. There are lots of stitches so it can do many different kinds of sewing, easy controls, and lots of extra accessories. All together, it's a great bargain at under $300.

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Brother XR9000 Stitches

There are 80 built in stitches including all the must-have utility stitches for regular and stretch fabrics, decorative stitches like fancy vines and hearts, and heirloom stitches for quilting and piecing.

You can customize your stitches by changing the width to as much as 7mm and the length to 5mm for some stitches, such as the zigzag stitch.

Eight different styles of popular buttonhole styles are ideal for the budding seamstress. Making your own clothes and being able to tailor them with your preferred style or being able to use different types of buttons is a plus.

The Brother XR9000 is one of the least expensive sewing machines to include a letter font. Perfect for monogramming baby clothes, shirts, dress collars or quilts, you never realize how nice it is to have a font on your sewing machine until you've tried it out.

Brother XR9000 Presser Feet

The machine comes with 7 snap on presser feet. The Zigzag foot has a small black button (leveling button) on the back that you can push when you come to a high cross seam in your project or any change in fabric height. Pushing the button keeps the presser foot level so that it works over those height changes without dropping stitches.

Presser feet include:

* Zigzag
* Buttonhole Foot
* Overcasting Foot
* Monogramming Foot
* Zipper Foot
* Blind Stitch Foot
* Button Fitting Foot

Brother XR9000 Controls

A favorite combination of controls available on some of the newest machines is the Start/Stop button with a speed control option. The XR9000 has that so you can sew without the foot pedal if you choose. In addition, there's a Needle Up/Down button, reverse button, automatic needle threading, a built-in thread cutter, computerized stitch selection, a handy flip chart referencing all of the built in stitches right on the front of the machine, a Quick-Set bobbin (drop-in), automatic bobbin winding, drop feed capability, a bright LED work light, a see-through bobbin cover, and free arm sewing.

While the Brother XR9000 is a light-weight machine, its design is sturdy and holds up well to even projects that include large amounts of fabric. It can handle different fabric weights and thicknesses - even paper sewing for specialty crafts.

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