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Among all the chemises, silk chemises are perhaps the most famous ones among people. Chemises are actually slip-style nighties which are loved by the females. They are known for their superb slinky quality which makes them great for sleeping in. They are made in such a way that they move with your body and do not get pressed or turned even if you roll over.

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A camisole is a slight variation of the chemise since these are exactly alike in shape. The only difference is that the camisole is much shorter in length as compared to a chemise.

Silk camisoles are very much into the fashion these days. It is usual for females nowadays to just wear slip dresses a pair of jeans. If you wish to have the same appearance, all you have to do is to take out your silk camisole from your wardrobe and put it on. It is indeed a very nice idea especially if you go out for a lunch or shopping with your friends.

You can buy silk camisole in various colors and designs. The most common ones are those which come with the printed fabrics. If you are fond of animals, you may easily get the ones with leopard or cheetah prints. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a touch of sweeter, you should opt for a silk camisole with hearts or flowers.

Your effort to look for lingerie will certainly direct you towards the camisole. They are ideal for use at nights whereby you need to have romantic looks. However, if you wish to appear hot and sexy, you should opt for low cut camisoles with peek-a-boo sides. When you go out in the market to buy lingerie, you will come to know that camisoles are most versatile undergarments.

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