Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $10

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Don't have a lot of money for gifts this year? Don't worry about it. There are plenty of top choices for Christmas gift ideas that won't break the budget. In fact, these gifts are great even if you do have the money for something more expensive. Just read through this list before you hit the stores. It could save you some money.

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Gourmet Coffee Gifts

Coffee is a great gift and there are several options that are $10 and under. You can get your coffee lover a bag or two of her favorite, a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop, coffee mugs, or any combination of coffee related items that don't go over the $10 budget.

Bottles of Wine

Believe it or not, there are plenty of really delicious wines that cost under $10 a bottle. In fact, sometimes the $10 choices are better than some of the $20 or higher bottles. How do you know which to choose? Stick with the classics like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir - or simply choose your favorite.

Kitchen Tools

I don't know about you, but I'm always in need of kitchen tools. My favorite kitchen favorites are those that are made from bamboo. It's a sustainable item that is taking place of wood more and more often. Buying some of these as a Christmas gift is a good way to encourage sustainability in a practical way.

Books and Journals

Paperback books by popular authors and writing journals are two other choices that are under $10. Does your friend like to write or read? Consider these options when shopping for a gift. If you do buy a book, buy it from a local book store and always include a gift receipt. If she's a reader then there's a chance that she's already read it.

Fancy and Gourmet Chocolates

Really good chocolate is always appreciated and most choices, even gourmet ones, can easily be purchased for under $10. If you don't want to buy the chocolates or if you want to save even more money, consider making them. The recipe can be as simple as melting chocolate chips and stirring in some nuts and they taste delicious. Plus, people appreciate that they are homemade.

Gift Cards

This is another excellent idea. A $10 gift card is always appreciated. They work best for places like coffee shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and even iTunes. Just think about the types of places the recipient likes to shop.

These are just some Christmas gift ideas to get you started, especially if you want to save money. They are ideal for anyone on your list including gift swap parties and even for close friends and family members.

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