How I Intentionally Sabotaged My Workout To Make Myself Much More Powerful In Less Than Two Weeks

When you think about How I Intentionally Sabotaged My Workout To Make Myself Much More Powerful In Less Than Two Weeks, what do you think of first? Which aspects of How I Intentionally Sabotaged My Workout To Make Myself Much More Powerful In Less Than Two Weeks are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

I was slumped back against the couch cushions, frying my brain with some mindless TV watching, when a beer commercial came on the tube. The happy, hot-bodied hipsters in the commercial were frolicking on the beach (beers in hands) while I was vegetating in my living room. I figured, something was wrong with this scenario. I should have been the one frolicking on the beach with my shirt off.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

After all, I worked out regularly. I was getting my daily cardio (although I wasn't very fond of it, at least at the time), and I lifted weights like a madman, 3 days per week. But the real story of my workouts was told in the bathroom mirror (where I had a noticeable belly), and in the pain I felt in my lower back every time I got in or out of my car.

Obviously, my workouts weren't getting me the results I wanted. I wanted to get rid of the fat, not watch as it accumulated slowly but surely around my midsection. And I wanted to be strong enough to jump out of bed in the morning without any aches or pains, and run rings around my rapidly-aging friends on the basketball court.

The first step towards solving my fitness problems

So, daydreaming in front of the TV, feeling sorry for myself, I had an idea...

If what I'd been doing for years wasn't working, I should totally change things up and do exactly the opposite. I decided to do all those things that know it all trainers and 'experts' were saying would sabotage my workouts.

So I jumped on the internet, fired up Google, and started doing some research about how to solve my fitness problems. And, for perhaps the first time, I approached this learning process with an open mind. I wasn't after trendy workout tips from Hollywood airheads, and I didn't want to wade through endless paragraphs of hype that promised great things but delivered zilch.

Here's what I came up with

1. Years of low-rep, heavy weight exercises didn't make me any bigger. I wasn't going to go on 'roids, so I figured I was about as big as I was ever going to get. What I needed was endurance and power so I could spring into action in the blink of an eye.

2. I resolved to create a high rep conditioning workout that would maintain my muscle tone, fire up my body's natural fat-burning furnace to get rid of excess calories, and keep my limber and fit through every joint in my body.

3. I didn't want to settle for the status quo at the gym. Instead, I wanted to work out in private, in my own home, where I could experiment to my heart's content without listening to know it alls tell me I was sabotaging my workouts.

The results were (and are) spectacular

Did this total re-write of my fitness routine sabotage me? No, it got me in the best shape I've ever been in, and now I can outrun, outjump, and outwork even the most athletic of my weekend basketball buddies.

1. My conditioning is stupendous. I never gas out anymore.

2. My strength levels seem just as high as they were back when I was benching low reps. But I never bench press anymore. I feel strong and capable, and I don't have the aches and pains from weight lifting that I thought were just something I had to live with.

3. My flexibility and joint mobility is fantastic. I pop out of bed in the mornings feeling warmed-up and ready to rock. No more groans and winces getting out of a chair or car either.

What fitness system am I using to get these amazing results?

I totally did away with the status quo -- the gym, the barbells, the weight racks, the ridiculously heavy weights. All of it: gone. Check out exactly how I turned my workouts around here. Here's a hint, it involves my new favorite workout tool, the adjustable kettlebell.

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