Brother XR9000 Sewing Machine Review

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Kids are going to find it very boring if they are not engaged in something that they love and enjoy to do. But now there are online helps available and among many ideas one effective solution is the inflatable water slides for sale. Over time parents of the kids have found out that the water toys are best because it not only provides long time fun but the children also get to exercise without sweating it out in the field. Among the popular water slides following are the top three.

When it comes to inflatable water slides, the small ones are the right choice. Priced under $200, an inflatable slide from Banzai measuring 18' is a very popular choice. Its water holding capacity is 100 lb and the user can inflate it within two minutes. It comes equipped with the airflow blower motor that runs continuously and its new blower design has no tip. One advantage with this product is that a landing pad has been provided at its bottom. Kids and parents love it specially because it is so easy to set up.

Double Drop Fall is another product from Banzai that is popular and it is also priced lower than $400. There are times when it is available for as low as $240. It has a very big slide and its length extends up to 18.5'. Using this slide, user can go down two steep drops. With the help of included blower this slide can be inflated within two minutes.

Among the expensive ones is the racing slide Banzai Speed Splitter, which is the third variety. However its size is huge and the price can go up to $500, but occasionally it can be found cheaply. This water slide is also inflated using the included blower. Made from PVC material the slide proves to be an additional backyard fun. For added safety it also features landing pad in front.

Most of these slides are made for kids above the age of three while some are made for children above the age of five. It is an important factor to check before purchasing the slides.

It must be remembered that if someone is looking for inflatable water slides for sale then several options are available online.

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