Does Blog Software Matter?

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Choosing which software to run your blog on can be a difficult decision and one which it is worth spending some time on. When blogs first started, they were a bit of a novelty factor in that it was primarily the software that was so different, rather than the content. Up til then, if you wanted to update the content on a website, you either had to employ a web developer or know HTML yourself.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Does Blog Software Matter? now have at least a basic understanding. But there's more to come.

When blog software cam around, instantly anyone who knew how to work a word processing document could instantly create a basic website and add content, add pictures, music etc.

Most blogging was seen almost as personal diaries really, the name blog itself being a mix of web and log ie diary. And it didn't really matter much which software you used, they all sort of did the same stuff.

Nowadays its a different story. Blog software is still very much around but has also evolved into what are called CMS's (Content Management Systems) and its still sometimes difficult to know which is which and what the difference is.

One of the reasons this all matters so much nowadays is that blog and CMS software can be use to build very high powered websites that can include video, social networking sites, ad revenue sites, forums, pretty much anything.So what are the different types of software and what are the differences.

Firstly some software is open source and free like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and you can host it yourself or get a fairly cheap hosting option.There can be quite a steep learning curve with some of these open source programs, but they are also incredibly powerful.

Other blog software is hosted for you like Typepad, Blogware or Blogger and you can access it online anywhere, although typically these aren't such powerful programs. Hosted software can be free or paid for. Typepad and Blogware are paid for services whilst Blogger is still free. WordPress is free but also has a paid for hosted version available.

Deciding which software to use to a large extent depends on your own particular plans. Its worth at the beginning having a fairly clear plan a tow here you would like to go. This matters because switchi8ng blog software mid stream can be tricky, although in theory its easily doable between most platforms, but its easier to stick with one if you can.

Think around things like do you want your own domain name,do you want to run advertising on it, and if so what sort of advertising. Do you want to be able to have really fancy templates or are you happy with a a really simple one. All these things will make a difference to what software you use. Good Luck
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