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Need your website developed - Confused between Drupal and Joomla (Joomla vs. Drupal)?

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Both Drupal and Joomla users have their own share of loyal followers who claim their respective genres to better than the other. There will always be the comfort level and the general bias of the loyal users of both the categories but these biases should actually not come in the way when it comes to the ultimate decision making.

Joomla's strength lies in the fact that it is easy to deploy and has a less complicated user interface, thereby, making it easier to edit, add, and publish content. Joomla also has multi-lingual support mechanism and different versions are available. It also allows easy addition of modules. On the other hand, Drupal is a bit complicated when it comes to administration, has a weaker support for free modules, and also addition of visual themes can be a lengthy process and hence time-consuming. Joomla does not go too easy on the pocket as even the essential modules such as search-engine friendly features have to be purchased.

But then Drupal is also easy to deploy, provides easy edit of content as well as tabs integration into the pages; it is flexible and provides a wide choice of modules. The Drupal followers have quite a few high-profile users to its credit such as MTV, BBC, and NASA. The search engine friendly URLs give Drupal an upper hand compared to Joomla. A single Joomla installation allows the creation of a single website but a single Drupal installation enables creation and management of multiple websites. Joomla does not have that much search engine friendly URLs, and also the Joomla modules are nor available free of cost. User roles and permissions are also limited in the case of Joomla.

Drupal provides a strong multi-media support and in case one is designing a website meant for blogging, or a social networking site, or a community forum then the obvious choice would be Drupal. Drupal facilitates a better document management system, has a well-defined user management and permission features and has an unlimited choice of add-on that can be utilized to enrich the functionality of the created website. External integration is also easier with Drupal as compared to Joomla. Thus when it comes to the development of large complex sites with a multitude of features and functionalities, Drupal would be the preferred choice.

When it comes to designing personal websites or websites promoting business on a small scale or even websites that cater to non-community needs, Joomla would be given preference over Drupal. Non-technical people new to CMS interface and still grappling with user features should opt for Joomla as it is a lot easier to deploy and manage a Joomla site. But then Joomla should be given an upper hand only when it comes to managing simple content pages. Drupal is for sophisticated users and allows unlimited category levels, tagging, and categorization. Several types of content with varied features can be created in Drupal. There are very few Drupal commercial themes or template developers and so Drupal offers a poor choice when it come to designs but Joomla provides a rich selection. Unlimited number of user permission levels can be created and customized and in Joomla this option is limited to just three user levels. The Drupal community is more dynamic and less business oriented than Joomla. When it comes to learning and implementing, Drupal offers more flexibility and strength but only after it is learned. On the other hand, Joomla provides the ease of use, learning, and customization.

Thus the choice of Drupal versus Joomla would definitely depend on the nature of website to be designed and all the pros and cons of both options should be weighed on an unbiased scale to choose the more effective solution.
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