Simple Reasons to Issue Press Releases

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Every once in a while you should add something a little extra into your online marketing efforts. While everyone scrambles to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter every day for immediate buzz, it's still very important to slowly establish your website as a local authority.

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In our measurements so far we see absolutely zero optimization value from Twitter links or Facebook links back to your website. Usually when someone links from another website to yours it will help build your authority status. But that doesn't seem to be the case with Twitter or Facebook.

The more information you publish to the web outside of social media, the more inbound links you will accumulate. Article publishing and blogging on sites other than your own will help.

Another possibility is to issue news releases online. A very popular paid news release house is If you have the money, use this professionally recognized and reputable service, and they allow video and PDF attachments to each release.

There are also dozens of smaller, free, news release websites. Once of the basic sites we use is

You should issue a simple press release the next time you run an event, or get a new inventory line in the store. The press release has the event details as well as links back to your website. Once published, these press releases last forever, and so will the links.

Press Release writing is easy to learn. Keep in mind that mostly news outlets will filter through your releases. Other sources will capture and display the ad as well, like news feeds in a browser toolbar, news feeds on cell phones, and web applications that display current local news side by side with emails you are reading.

You might also find your news release appearing in some daily jewelry trade newsletters. includes short stories or press releases all the time in their daily eNewsletter.

And finally, your local newspaper may even notice the release and call you for an extended interview that can turn into a lot of local publicity.

Even if you don't get the publicity, these press releases help build online reputation, authority and links. It's easy and free.
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