How To Add A Contact Form In Joomla

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Every website requires a form that can collect contact details easily. This is very important because when a visitor visits your website, and then leaves your site, you have no way to contact him again UNLESS you catch his contact information. This way you will be able to contact him again and give your "sales pitch." The amount of emails you get is also an important key indication of your site's effectiveness.

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So... having an easy to use contact form in a prominent place in your web site is crucial!

Joomla helps you in this case because it provides you with all the needed tools! Adding a contact form becomes very easy with the Joomla administration system. It has a ready to use built in contact form, which makes things a lot simpler than conventional static websites.

The steps that you need to follow to get this working are given below:

Initially, you need to login to the administrator back-end (/administrator).
Now, you need to create the categories in which you want to divide the contacts. Most of the times you will only need one basic category of contacts.
You might want to give different contact information to different visitors. For example, you might need to add the contact details for sales department or logistics department and so on.
Once you have an understanding of how many categories you require, you need to click on Components, then Contacts, and then Categories that will give you the ability to create a new contacts category.
You can add as many categories as you want by clicking on the new tab that is present on the right hand corner.
Once you are finished with Categories click the Contacts tab.
Click on the new button, and a form is provided in which you can fill all the necessary details. Click save and you're done!
If you want you can connect a contact to an existing Joomla user (this will you will not have to reenter his/her email)

You can even set access privileges for all the different contacts. This will enable you to make sure that you have given the right protection for all your subtle details. You are also provided with certain security parameters which will allow you to be able to block unwanted mails as well.

You can view all the contacts, as well as add contacts when required, by clicking Components- Contacts- Contacts.

When you select components and then contacts using the menu, you will see all the contacts you have already created and you will be able to add more using the new button. You can easily unpublish or delete an existing contact.

Once this phase is ready, all you need to do is put this form in your website. In the main menu, you need to add a new menu item. All you need to do is open your menu from Menu Manager and click new.

Use Contact Category Layout or Standard Contact layout. Using the standard link, you can add a single contact and using the category layout, you can add multiple contacts of the same contacts category.

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