Simple Ways to Reduce Spam

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Spam or unsolicited electronic mails are common features in our inboxes when we try to access or read our mail boxes online. The sources of these mails are usually product or service providers who want to advertise themselves through the website without your consent. They employ the service of softwares or robots to generate email address randomly and send these mails in bulk to all recipients.

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Most robust web portals with mail servers such as Yahoo, Google mail, MSN have built in applications on their website whereby such mails are not received in the inbox but are diverted into a special box meant for unsolicited mails. This application is not entirely foolproof as some spam mails still manage to find their way into the inbox of the user. Spam mails are loathed by every web user because apart from the time that it causes to be wasted it could infect and damage your system with computer viruses not to talk less of infections that could breach your financial security.

Since eliminating spam mails can not be achieved out rightly reducing its menace is an alternative worth considering. One method being used to reduce spam mails is the challenge response system, this application also known generally as anti-spam software is designed to transfer the workload from the receiver of the mail to the originator of the mail. The trick behind this system is that the sender of those unsolicited mails would not have the time to start sending confirmation for million of mails he has sent out whereas a recognized sender could do so because he really needs to get across to you and could afford the time to reconfirm his intention.

One other strategy being adopted by some user to reduce the level of spam mails they receive in their inbox involves setting up a disposable email address which is normally used for registering on some web sites which are not really important so that mails come from them or their affiliates you can't be bothered by them. In addition, to this tip it is also advisable not to leave your email address on a website or an online forum because information submitted here are not really kept in confidence but will either be given to affiliates, sold to spammers or web application devised for such will capture and send your mailing address into a database for use in spamming. Technically it is possible to encrypt your email address so that unauthorized users can not gain access to it but to tread on the safe path avoid publishing your mailing details on forums.

In the event whereby all efforts are sanitising your mail box from spam mails fails all you need to resort to is filtering your mail box. This system implies activating a set of rules normally integrated into the web design of most popular mail servers on the internet. On the other hand, you could purchase an online internet anti virus software which filters your mails before it gets to the mail server.
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