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Twitter is a great tool for connecting to and interacting with your colleagues, customers and potential customers if you use it right. One of the important skills to learn is how to correctly reply to a tweet so that the user you're replying to sees your reply.

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Each user on Twitter has a username. Your username is the part of your Twitter profile that comes after It's your identity on Twitter.

Each user also has a special page they can view to see all the tweets that have included @username These are the tweets that either replied to their tweets or were directed to them.

To send a user a tweet that shows up on their replies page, you need to include @username somewhere in the tweet. For example you could tweet:

@username Just read your latest blog post and... (with your thoughts about the blog post here)

That tweet would then show up on their replies page and they would see it.

A reply works the same way. In your tweet box, just type @username followed by what you want to say in reply to their tweet. For example, if someone tweets an idea you love:

@username Great idea! (with your thoughts on the idea here)

If you are tweeting from the Twitter website you can reply to any tweet by simply moving your mouse over the tweet and you'll see a little "reply" link pop up below the tweet that you can click. This will put the users @username into your tweet box so you can just type in your reply. It will also make it easy for the user to tell exactly which of their tweets you were replying to.

Most tweeting interfaces (like Hootsuite, Tweetie, TweetDeck, and so on) also offer a reply button or link so it's easy to reply to a tweet.

You can also reply to more that one user in a single reply by including all of their usernames. For example, if you're planning to meet up for lunch you could tweet:

@username1 @username2 @username3 See you at (insert your favorite cafe here) in 20 minutes.

This tweet would then show up on the replies pages for all three of the users you mentioned in the tweet.

When you take time to stop and reply to tweets from those following you on Twitter, you're building connections and letting others know you care.

Don't just tweet out a stream of promotional links and messages. Reply to someone and interact!
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