How To Develop Good Website Names

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When you decide to open a site, on the Internet, one of the first things that comes to mind is how to name it. There is no doubt that good website names attract attention. It has been said that all three and four character domain names, with key extensions, have been taken. That should not discourage you from developing a name that will attract visitors to your site.

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One of the first things, to keep in mind, when you are naming your website is to keep it very simple. That would mean easy spelling and something that people could easily remember. It is obvious, to be successful, that the ability of visitors to recall the site is more important than worrying about the SEO (search engine optimization).

There are some names that you should not use as a site name. Boasting words such as greatest, best, or superior are a disadvantage. Depending on how the search engine works, you might be penalized or suffering from the reaction of your website visitors. These "turbo" words are meaningless.

Having the right address is very important. For example there are certain specifications regarding "www" domains. Commercial businesses in US, use websitename.COM. An information related web site uses websitename.INFO. An Internet Services web site uses websitename.NET and Non-profit organizations use websitename.ORG. European companies use websitename.EU. Therefore, if your company is established in Europe your domain would be domainname.EU.

Naturally you would want the site name related to the product you are presenting. It would not attract much attention just to put John Smith as your domain name. That would mean nothing to anyone who is searching the Internet. Something such as John Smith's Funny Games or John Smith's Beautiful Plants, while not ideal, would at least get viewers on the site if that is what they are looking for.

To decide on a good name you should make a list of single words regarding your product or service as well as words regarding your target customer base. This would be something like cosmetics for women or jewellery for men. On Google there is a free site called "Who Is", that has a list of available domain names. By searching the list it will be possible to find several you like, at which point one should select and register immediately.

There will be a fee, for registering your site name, depending on the length of time you are requesting. It is a good idea to register it for 5 to 10 years which, at the present time, is relatively inexpensive. This will protect the name from being copied by others.

If you are new to the Internet business it is always a good idea to ask a person who is experienced in this area for assistance. This will not only keep you from making costly errors, but will make setting up your site correctly much easier. The professional is well aware of all the ins and outs of SEO activities, how to handle things like E-mail, newsletters, cover targeted regions, and all the other little things that are connected with properly locating good website names.
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