Looking For Web Designer - Top 5 Tips

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1. Know your needs. For example: if you need just a simple website for your business. You still want to make it professional but nothing too extraordinary. Going with a smaller company or a free lance designer would be a wise choice. As it is cheaper and the end product would be virtually the same. On the other hand if you need a 50-100 pages website done in different programming languages from page to page and with some "mad" graphics. Bigger web design companies would be a better choice. They have more resources as opposed to smaller company. "Big guys" could put a couple of different web designers onto your projects to get it up and running in no time. It will cost you more $$$.

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2. Look for a company with a portfolio. Web designers have their own unique styles. Just by looking at some sample page you will get a feel of their style and see if it suits you well. Also, you will know that the company you're about to hire is actually cable of web site design.

3. Make an effort to find someone local. Dealing with web design companies over the phone could be pretty stressful especially if something goes not according the plan (which will most likely happen). This strategy could also prevent you from being scammed by some fake web design company.

4. Get a price estimate in written form. So many times you will hear one price at the beginning of the project and than a different price at the end of it. Things come up but they should be thought of before the begging of the project and not brought up at the end.

5. Follow your instincts. If you like someone and think they are professional and will do a great job than hire them. There is really no other way of knowing if web designer will do a good job or not. Sometimes even recommended designer will make a sloppy website.
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