Do You Need WHOIS For Your Website?

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The amount of website on the internet today is uncountable, there is just a new website being registered everyday everywhere in the world. However behind every website, there will surely be an owner who registered it. So, as online business owners, we will be exposing our details to millions of people out and this is a scary idea. What if I was an owner of a blog that receives 100 thousand viewers a day? Will people come and find out who I am? Will they try to do something to me?

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Some people are just not comfortable with the idea that their personal details will be exposed to others. A simple tool called WHOIS in the internet can be used to check the registration of a domain. One can just enter it in search engines like Yahoo or Google and find details of a certain domain. They will be able to know the name, address, email and phone numbers. So, we got to wonder how safe we are on the internet even though we remain at home every day.

To have protection over this, you can go around the system by having a private domain registration done. What this does is that it replaces all of your personal information with the registrar's information. So, when a WHOIS is done onto your domain, a different set of details will appear. So, no one can find out who the real owner of the domain is. This choice of confidentiality will depend on the needs of the users. Some might feel the need for it while other are okay with the exposure of their details.

Another way to go around this is to create a unique name for yourself which you can use for all your online business needs. It can be an alias or an extended name for you. You can also use this name for marketing purposes. This way, you can brand yourself with this name and create an identity. So, whenever someone sees this name, they know it is you and they will continue to do business with you or whatever service it may be that you are offering.
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