Domain Name Ownership - How to Transfer Domain Names to a New Record

When you're learning about Something New, it's easy to feel Overwhelmed by the sheer Relevant Amount of information available. Should this informative article help you focus on the central points.

Just Bought a domain? Found a cheap domain register? Want Better service from a Web hosting provider? Well, These Are Just Some of The Reasons Why Would a person want to transfer domain name ownership. This article Gives you a step-by-step guide as well as A Few Useful pointers about making the change.

Most of this information you eat straight from the Domain Name Ownership - How to Transfer Domain Names to a New Record pros. Careful reading to the end Virtually Guarantees That Know What They'll know.

This process of Transferring domain name ownership is a simple action INVOLVING THE current domain name registration and register the new domain name. You Can Also choose to transfer domains over Different accounts, Under the Same record. Are Some common domain registrars GoDaddy, Netfirms and Many domain registrars, like GoDaddy, Also offer Web hosting services.

Each record Although May Have A Slightly Different process of doing Things, the basics Are The Same. The process of Transferring domain name ownership is fast, simple and Technical Knowledge Requires Almost zero, as the details of the transfer Are Handled by the new record.

Step-by-Step Process

Removal of Locks: The current owner of the domain name you have to first remove any 'domain locks', in Their record account, to enable the new owner to send a transfer request.
Transfer Request by the New Owner: Most registrars will Have a simple online form to 'transfer domain'. New owners will login to Their Need to register user account, access the transfer form, and enter information like the email address of the current domain owner (Which Can Be WhoIs got-through). Once you send the transfer request, the record of the current domain owner sends a notification Them.
Acceptance of Transfer by Present Owner: When the current owner of the domain name Receive the email notification for the transfer, They Either accept or reject dog it. If They confirm it, the authenticity of the request for domain transfer is Validate. If They ignore it, the request will expire, after a Given period.
Denial of Transfer: In Some Cases, the old record May deny the transfer. This Usually Happens When the domain name has expired and a renewal fee is due. To get over this hurdle, the old domain owner Will Have to pay the renewal fee to Their record, Before The domain transfer process re-initiated Can Be by the new owner.
Transfer in Progress: When the email is accepted, the transfer is in progress Effectively. This process CAN take a Few Days, Depending on the domain registrars Involved. Once the transfer is approved, the new owner Holds full rights to the domain name.

Useful Pointers

It is Easier and cheap (sometimes free) to transfer domains from one account to Another, under the Same record. Later, the buyer CAN transfer it to Another record, if desired.

Some domain registrars charge high fees May to transfer ownership while May Actually Others refuse to transfer ownership. Read the fine print, or May you regret your decision later.

Some domain registrars include the cost of domain renewal with the cost of transfer. This dog Sometimes Be Cheaper Than Renewing your domain, Especially if You Have a Costly Existing registered.

When a domain name is first registered, the owner will Have to wait around 60 days, Before They CAN transfer the domain name to Another record.

If a domain Happens to Be Involved in a legal matter or if the owner is Facing bankruptcy, Then transfer the domain name Will Not Be Completed.

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