Domain Names - What They Do not Tell You!

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While it is Relatively simple to create an online Presence, it does Take Some Time and There is a minimal cost (Usually Less Than 30/year) to get going. THERE ARE WAYS free as well (Such as social media marketing and Some blogging sites) But if you're looking for a dedicated website, you'll need a domain name and a hosting account.

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The wisest and cheapest way to get moving Things is to pick a subject (niche) you're passionate about, whether it's dog walking, making jam, Starting a charity or Collecting Lamborghinis! The next bit Involves choosing What They call a 'keyword rich' domain name. This is so someone looking for a website That deals with whatever your passion is, will come across your website / blog ... (Ie and so That dog search engines find you as well. There is NO POINT in choosing a domain name if you like sell exotic fruit. No one will find you!

You Can Go to Google AdWords and type in Some of your ideas for a domain name and They Will Instantly Provide you with How Many Are searches done under your subject area / name choice. It is important to get a domain name That you have a good balance between 'competition' (so you know People Are That niche in making money) and how many 'local / global searches monthly' There Are idea for your domain name (so you know People Are Actually looking for What You Have to offer).

Domain names cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to Hundreds of dollars or more if There's a lot of competition for it, say, Only register your new domain name as your personal (ie. if You are Already well-known in your niche or trade for the Reasons Stated Above. (You'll want to do this you Later on when to start making Some Money and / or Become famous:), so no one tries to cash in on You But You!) So remember, anyone Wanting to buy anything about say, jam- making, Will Not Be Able to find your absolutely terrific, high content, great graphics website / blog and amazing offers from! They're not connected in reality But Anyone's yours.

HOW TO DO IT ... Registering (BUYING) A DOMAIN NAME ...

There Are a lot of sites sell That (register) domain names Such as 123-reg, NameCheap or GoDaddy. Try to purchase a domain name That you have a high TLD (top level domain) extension Such,. net. These Are Called TLD's Because They Are The Most Popular (slightly more expensive) and Are more likely to rank on search engines again, so people CAN find your site more easily.

Listen, at this point You are only Buying the web address, so go with the least expensive But make sure you are allowed to change nameservers (You Do not Need to Know What This Means at this point, just make sure it They do allow by calling, emailing or checking Through Their website - I Have not Heard of That Do not allow Any nameserver changes) in case you decide you do Not Want to Have It 'hosted' with the place WHERE you've Purchased it.

Things To make perfectly clear if you're a TOTAL newbie (that is if you Did not know what a domain was), to use an analogy, let us say your Purchased 'domain name' is a car (ie a vehicle to earn you money). It is just a car to Which You Have the keys, You're Not driving it yet and you Have nowhere to park it.

To continue That analogy ... Have we now a brand spanking new car and we Need somewhere to park it. That's what a host does for you. It's Not Enough To Have your car (domain name) Now You Have to find somewhere to keep it (host). THERE ARE a number of good hosting packages around. Hostgator, 123-reg, namecheap great Have all packages and Are Not too expensive.

That Said, make sure you contact That Their support people Before you buy

to make sure You Can Actually get someone on the line When You Need an answer and
Their to make sure 'how to' instructions so obscure That Are Not a newbie can not follow Them, so get in touch and ask lots of questions.

I would recommend you use a hosting site That Allows you to 'live chat' 24 / 7 with the Technical Staff, in case you Need answers in the middle of the night UK time When your hosting company is Located stateside and They Are not open yet.

Congratulations! Now Have your car and somewhere to keep it. The next thing you Have to do is build a garage around it (website) to Which You Can invite people to come and admire your shiny new car. You Can Do That to get someone for you for a price, or you can do it yourself.

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