Introduction To Domain Names & Web Hosting

So what is Introduction To Web Hosting Domain Names & really all about? Following the report included Some fascinating information about Introduction To Domain Names & Web Hosting - Info You Can Use, Not Just the old stuff They Used To tell you.

Before You Can get started in your venture to make extra money online Some You Should Understand a little bit about how domain-names and web hosting works. Also I will talk about free hosting solutions Which Are You Can use and perfectly OK to help you start off Without HAVING to pay for domains and hosting.

If your Introduction To Web Hosting & Domain Names Are facts out-of-date, how will your actions and That Affect Decisions? Make Certain you do not let important Introduction To Web Hosting Domain Names & information slip by you.

A domain name in Simple Terms in Which is a name you type in to your web browser to access a website. For example is the domain name we use to access the Google website. part at the end Is What Is Called a domain extension and There Are Many Different extensions You Can register, for and Many Others. Some domains Such (Education) (Government) Are restricted for the professional Appropriate Organizations to register. Registering a domain name When it MUST NOT have any special characters, you CAN use only AZ 0-9 and the - (dash) character.

Domain names with Many Are very inexpensive costing on average of 5 per year for registration. To register domain names from You Can Buy Them Such places as GoDaddy or NameCheap. Personally I prefer NameCheap.

So how do domain-names work? Every computer or server on the internet has an ip address Which is a set of 4 numbers. An IP address looks something like 12.345.67.89. Because numbers These Are Complicated and Difficult to remember, the Domain Name System (DNS) WAS created. The DNS Holds records of Every Which domain name and IP address (the ip address of your web host) is associated to it.

For example the ip address of the web server Where My website is hosted If you type in your browser to you can see you will get my website.

When people type What Happens is the Domain-Name-System points your browser to the IP address

Now That We know how domains work lets go over the current web hosting. Many web hosting packages now Are Extremely cheap and the cost of running a website for 12 months is not a lot of money. My current web host is preferred There Prices start at around 3 per month for a single package up to 15 per month for a reseller package. With a reseller package You Can host websites as Many as you like (you still Have to pay for the domain registration).

Once You Have signed up for a web host They Will Provide you with (Usually in your welcome email) Their nameservers. Sometimes nameservers come in the format of an IP address like we talk about May or Earlier & look like. Once You Have your nameservers from your web host You Need to login to the account WHERE you registered your domain name and Set Them up.

There Are Out There That websites will allow you to host your website for free, pero They Generally Do not allow you to use your own domain name. You Will Be Assigned to domain That will look something like

Two of the Biggest and best free hosts Are we and Both of Those Also offer great packages for building your website and make building a website very very easy. Building a website in general Can Be always simple and I Would Advise you to build a site on your domain and free web hosting solutions over the WHERE possible.

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