Killer Internet Marketing Strategies Revealed: How to Choose a Domain Name?

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If you intend to use the domain name for your business website as a squeeze page or sales page, one of the most effective internet marketing strategies used successfully by experts is to find a great domain name that reflects the nature of your business. However, it is also good to get a website name that contains the keywords pertaining to your business that has a high search count in search engines.

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Reflect the Goals

Create a list of names to reflect the goals of your company. If your company is solution-oriented, the name of the domain should reflect this information. The domain name should allow the viewer to know from the domain name alone what your business can do for them. If you find the domain name you requested isn't available, the domain name service will provide you a list of alternative names for you to consider.

SEO Benefits

In order to maximize search engine optimization or SEO purposes, keywords should be used when creating your domain name. Research keywords that are used to target your industry and use this information to create or find a website name before purchasing. You might use keywords related to your niche, or target group, a common problem your target group may have, or the solution your business is offering to resolve the problem.

Short and Sweet

When looking for the name of your primary domain, keep it simple and brief. If you make it catchy and short it will be easy for customers to memorize. This is especially true if it is connected to your main email address.

Personal Name

There is also the option of purchasing your personal name as a name for a domain. You can than use the domain with your name to redirect to your business website. For example if you purchased a domain named it could redirect customers to This is also one of the most popular internet marketing strategies around proven to generate favorable results.

Domain Extension

It is a known fact that consumers are used to the.COM when looking for a website. It doesn't matter if the name of the domain ends in.ORG, NET, or BIZ - to consumers it is all.COM. Whenever possible purchase the.COM and if not available then use the.COM name in a hyphenated version.

The purpose of having a website name for your business is to attract customers to your business's website. You want to be careful in selecting a domain name, keep it brief and to the point. Use keywords to create your website name to maximize SEO usage on search engines. However, once you are done with the selection of a great domain name, then it is time to move on to the creation of killer contents for the site. By adopting effective internet marketing strategies you can position your site favorably on the online landscape to compete successfully against your competitors in the same industry.
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