One Piece of Unconventional Advice for New Ecommerce Website Owners

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Finding a product to sell, researching supply lines and handling the basic business setup are all necessary before you can open an e-commerce store. Honestly, if done correctly, setting up an online store takes about the same amount of time as it does to set up a physical store. It shouldn't take the same amount of money, but the business owner will realize that there is a lot more to opening a e-commerce store than simply loading products into Google Base or eBay.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

Perhaps the largest time and expense that a new e-commerce website owner doesn't realize is the photography. Most vendors and manufacturers do not have the correct photography for websites. There are correct and incorrect techniques to showing products online to sell. You will not sell a single item unless the photography is able to accurately substitute for physically holding the item.

Photography done correctly requires to get possession of your inventory and take photos from multiple angles, and how it will actually be displayed or used.

Another unrealized pitfall is the collection of taxes. Many store owners will not know the legalities of whether or not they need to register to collect taxes for online sales. Many times they don't realize it until the final testing when their web programmer asks for the tax table information.

No matter who you are, or what type of e-commerce store you are setting up, eventually you will realize the few items mentioned above. But this next item might come as a surprise to most: Do not fall in love with your website.

During the design process most new website owners will pour their heart and soul into the design. They want it to be perfect. They proudly show their friends while boasting "Isn't this the best website you've ever seen?" Then the website goes live and they expect to make money overnight, but they never revisit the design of the original site 30 days, 60 days or 90 days after it launches.

Usability and eye tracking software is available now to provide hints on usability and website design before launch. (Search Google for eye tracking website design.) There are even companies that provide live people for initial testing. (Search Google for live usability testing.) But all of that doesn't compare to live analytical data collected from a live site. New website owners should install Google Analytics on their site before it launches.

After the initial 30 days there should be enough visitors to the site to show the ineffective areas of the design layout. Many newcomers are surprised by the results, and emotionally crushed that the very design they poured their soul into will cause business failure if not corrected.

In conclusion, new e-commerce website owners need to view their website as a sales tool. If the tool does not fit the job, change the tool. Change it as minimally or completely as needed until maximum sales are achieved.
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