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When the website design is easy to get around, visitors will stay longer. Better design means less eye movement and this will lead to more conversion. Design sites just like road maps giving complete indication to the user about various links and paths. Provide those points to the site that have high contrast to attract the visitor's eye. Use different font sizes and larger fonts for the headings. Use faces as faces are visual anchors for users and more interesting and comforting. Underline the left in blue. Surround text, images and clickable links with white spaces. Use captions on pictures. Use some motion like flash or video to attract the visitors.

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Use proper alignment to separate different information from different sources. Use proper navigation structure on each page. Use some white space on each page. Use proper anchors on each page. Use headers and group of text in a way that is easy for the visitors to read and locate. Do not mix and use too many font styles. Be consistent.

While using long navigation or menu bars use headers for visual anchor points that help in finding. Under each heading do not use more than 7 items. When you group the navigation headings remain longer on user navigation. Organized navigation will increase your findability. Avoid that navigation that has more mouse-over drop downs. These are not search engine friendly and users prefer them because that is Do Not Disturb drop down your content page. Generally left navigation on larger sites is preferred by users. In case you use graphic navigation use embed code and old titles for search engines.

While designing product pages always remember to use most commonly used on page optimization on all product pages, meta data that is page specific and h1 tag and unique content. Provide add to cart button in close association with product price Which is either directly under or next of it. Proper color and appearance should be there to add to cart button.

Thus if you follow the proper SEO ethics while designing a website it produces effective results in the long run while doing further on site and off site promotional efforts for your website in the near future. A good SEO Services Company while providing the web promotion service always takes in to consideration the website design ethics.
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Take time to consider the points presented above. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

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