3 Ways Offshore Server Hosting Cuts The Cost Of IT Systems

3 Ways Offshore Server Hosting Cuts The Cost Of IT Systems

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Companies have been leveraging e-commerce and the potential of the internet for some time now. However, technology implementations are expensive and risky for companies to gamble on when first starting out. While an online presence generates leads, sales, and helps to brand a company and their products and services, new technology typically has a considerable cost and risk associated with it before a return can be realized.

Is everything making sense so far? If not, I'm sure that with just a little more reading, all the facts will fall into place.

Thanks to advances in services and technology, the costs associated with e-commerce and the barriers to entry are steadily coming down. Now, nearly any company can expand their business plan to incorporate internet resources and e-commerce with offshore web hosting and offshore server hosting.

These services are cost effective methods for individuals, small businesses, and even established companies to get online with minimum risk and upfront capital investment. With additional managed services, overhead and operational costs are also much lower. Even companies with no prior technology expertise or focus can have the benefits of a fully stocked IT department.

Getting Online With Offshore Web Hosting

The first step most companies take is to establish an online presence in order to promote their brand and connect with potential customers. In this economy, any company that is not online is at a significant disadvantage compared to its competition.

Of course, not every company has the resources or personnel to put together and maintain a website. With offshore web hosting, companies can utilize the expertise of an IT firm to establish their web presence. In this way, all of the work of setting up a server, housing a website, and ensuring uptime is handled by a professional tech company. The client benefits from having a web presence without the overhead costs of startup and staffing IT personnel in-house.

Cutting Technology Capital Costs With Offshore Server Hosting

E-commerce goes much further than just a website. Many companies are built on their online storefronts and applications. Nearly any business plan can benefit from internet resources for customer relationship management, or buying and selling products and services.

Offshore server hosting cuts out the capital investment required to implement these types of applications. This method removes the need to install infrastructure, set up servers, establish connectivity and a network, and load operating systems and software. This time and money requirement is a major barrier to entry for many companies.

Companies can utilize dedicated and preconfigured servers to start running their e-commerce applications and bypass the turnaround and setup investments. IT firms offer a number of configurations and the flexibility to match technology needs to business needs. Businesses can lease equipment, contract out management services, or expand their web capabilities. Ultimately, IT firms work to make this procedure a turnkey process while eliminating the typical risk of a new technology system startup.

Lower Overhead And Reduce Operational Expenses

These arrangements are also ideal for cutting down on the ongoing costs of internet technology. Whether a company has its own system in house or wants to add that capability, there are a large number of ancillary costs that are associated with IT resources. In order to run an IT department, overhead comes into play with human resources and supervision to hire and manage staff. Then, the upkeep on a tech facility includes electricity, backup power systems, climate control, and equipment maintenance. Even when a system is running smoothly, the need for periodic upgrades and updates to ensure the latest and most secure setup adds another hidden cost. Cutting back on any of these costs can lead to major problems with business continuity.

Offshore server hosting takes all of these expenses and overhead and rolls them into a simple monthly fee or subscription. All of the ancillary tasks, human resources needs, and overhead are managed by professionals that are experts in the IT industry. Servers are hosted in secure facilities with redundant system to ensure uptime; most companies should guarantee 99.9% uptime. Additional managed services will also take care of cyber security and technology upgrades seamlessly.

These operating costs are also cut to the bare minimum due to the expertise of an IT firm and their ability to run their technology more efficiently than a company with a business focus outside of the tech field. Plus, a firm dedicated to IT services can also employ economies of scale to offer their clients lower operating costs than most companies can achieve with an in house system.

At the end of the day, technology system startup and management becomes more accessible with offshore server hosting services.
Chris Harmen is an author for Secure Hosting, a Caribbean based IT firm and industry leader in offshore server hosting and offshore web hosting solutions since 2001.

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