5 Interesting Things to Do Online

When most people think of 5 Interesting Things to Do Online, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to 5 Interesting Things to Do Online than just the basics.

The internet is used for a variety of things, from practicing business (e.g. ecommerce), displaying news, and chatting with friends to sharing photos, watching online TV or listening to music, job searching, and many more. Despite knowing this, many netizens still find themselves bored. The following are five things you might want to try out when you are bored and want something to do online.

The information about 5 Interesting Things to Do Online presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about 5 Interesting Things to Do Online or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

Participate in an Online Community / Forum

With thousands of communities online these days, the best thing to do is to pick one of a specific topic that you would love to discuss about with other people who share a common interest. For example, if you enjoy skateboarding, join a skateboarding forum. That way, you get to discuss the latest news, and skateboard designs with others all around the world. It is important to join a community with active members. This is so that your replies or new threads will be responded to almost as soon as you've posted them. If you join a community that isn't too active, you might have to wait for a day or two to get a response and this can be discouraging.

Create and Share Open Source Media

If you enjoy creating audio / sounds, taking pictures, making short video clips, etc. consider uploading them on sites with people who enjoy doing the same thing. There are several wonderful websites out there that provide media under the Creative Commons license and some individuals even offer their quality files free, for commercial use. It is a great way to get yourself known.

Sell Web Content

If you have got lots of time on your hands and wouldn't mind making some money online during your spare time, the easiest way to make a few bucks is by selling unique web content. This can be quite profitable depending on how fast you work, and how high the quality of your content is. Web content includes articles, graphics & logos, and anything else you can think of that a webmaster might need. You can even sell content to resellers, because even if they will buy content for less they are most likely to pay immediately.

Watch and Read DIY Tutorials

One can only imagine how beneficial it can be to have the ability to do almost everything one might need. DIY Tutorials are helpful, and can teach you how to fix pipes at home, recycle things you don't need, use Photoshop and digitally repair old photographs, create audio, design websites, learn how to make pizza, etc.

Live Online

Almost everyone's heard it before - SecondLife (or any other similar alternative). Join a real-time online world game where you get to make friends, advertise businesses, sell houses, make money, spend money, get married, and almost everything else we can do offline.
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