To Brand Yourself, or Not Brand Yourself - That Is the Question

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.

I have come to the realization that my current fascination with "social media" is also the fascination of many others as well. Just this month, Harvard Business Review published an article pertaining to social media and how it is impacting "branding." Uh oh, others are catching on.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole To Brand Yourself, or Not Brand Yourself - That Is the Question story from informed sources.

While it is pretty obvious that social media is impacting many things: human interactions, relationships, professional growth, marketing... branding is one I have yet to hear about. What exactly is branding? Does it apply to actual company brands, or everyday people? Am I a brand?

According to Encarta World English Dictionary, to brand is "to make an indelible mark or impression on someone or something." A brand on the other hand is defined as a name, usually a trademark of a manufacturer or product, or the product identified by his name. When I think of the word branding I think of someone selling something, or even selling him or herself. And in doing so, you must leave an impression on others in order to sell them. The most obvious example of this in social media is through social websites, like Twitter. Everyone on Twitter is pretty much creating a brand in themselves by marketing their thoughts, views, ideas, and... tweets. This might not be what the content in the Harvard Business Review was referring to, but on some scale.. individuals and even companies are branding themselves everyday. Take for example, the most professional of social websites: Linkedin. Everyone on Linkedin is pretty much selling himself or herself. Whether you are an employer or a person seeking employment, you are selling/ branding the professional in you. Is branding the new marketing? And if so, how are you branding yourself?
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