The Public Domain Secret - Is it Worth Your Time? - Part 6 of 7

The following article presents the very latest information on The Public Domain Secret - Is it Worth Your Time? - Part 6 of 7. If you have a particular interest in The Public Domain Secret - Is it Worth Your Time? - Part 6 of 7, then this informative article is required reading.

What is Public Domain?

Public Domain Content are any media content that are not owned by any person or company. This state of non-ownership makes desirable for various commercial or personal applications. Because of its obscurity, only a select few have fully realized its potential use and profit. You must determine if Kneb Knebaih effectively reveals this in The Public Domain Secret.

Most of this information comes straight from the The Public Domain Secret - Is it Worth Your Time? - Part 6 of 7 pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know.

There is no book that could ever satisfy every critic

Any book that presents itself as such is, under most circumstances, just after your wallet. Kneb's The Public Domain Secret e-book is not claiming this throne. Rather, it caters specifically to the needs of those looking for regular sources of high quality content to profit from.

Poor Color Theme

While the attempt to make the e-book appear written on parchment is obvious, there is no consistent color theme that make the book sections intuitive and easy to locate. The font colors and the graphics used are somewhat random, arbitrary or overdone in terms of emphasis. An more appropriate color scheme could have made the e-book intuitive and easier to navigate.

Inconsistent Text Formatting

Another concern while reading the e-book is the inconsistency of the text formatting. The reader would wonder if the required fonts are installed in his computer. Text formatting changes from chapter to chapter, section to section, paragraph to paragraph without practical reason. The encoder and designer simply used whatever text formatting felt appropriate at the moment while encoding the text. Some texts are underlined, bold, italicized, larger or different just because they looked cool.

Counter-intuitive Text Formatting

Because of the aforementioned issues in text formatting, the content was presented in a counter-intuitive manner. Its difficult to navigate from one chapter or section to another when casually browsing or jumping into a desired area. You will probably miss the page that you're looking for at least a couple of times by 3-5 pages. Good thing is that it's an e-book that can be searched, bookmarked or annotated digitally. The text formatting has rooms to improve on.

Absence of Text Section Conventions and Inconsistent Section Formatting

The hallmark of reputable and modern-day published books is the use of book-wide conventions such as Tips, Warning!, Fact, Try This, Note and other special text sections popularized by the Dummies and Idiot's franchise. The e-book would have been noteworthy if it had just a few of this features. The inconsistent section formatting of the book is also a problem when referencing or skimming through its pages. The researcher can easily get lost in this high-volume work.

Some Hard-to-Read and Unreadable Texts

Because of the poorly chosen color theme, some texts are unreadable against a similar background. Imagine reading red text on a parchment background image. Some texts also have fancy fonts that are best left for poster titles. Sometimes you might wonder if your e-book reader is poorly substituting for fonts not installed in your system. A more suitable text formatting that is optimized both for screen and paper reading would've drastically improved its readability.

Monotonous Background Image

At first look, the look of the old, burned and tattered parchment paper background can be impressive. But after reading a few chapters, you may find this monotonous and somewhat distracting as it makes reading the material more difficult than it should. The same image was used as background for all the pages of the book. It would have been more useful if different shades or hues of even the same image was applied to distinguish one section from another.

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