How to Cure Cold Fast

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Winter season comes with lots of excitement to enjoy cozy environments and having warm feelings but it also carries some health problems and common cold is one of those issues. It can spread through breathing, touching and handshaking as well. Usually there is no hard and fast rule to cure cold and medical treatment is also seldom used in this situation so what left to get rid of this irritating condition is to go for home remedies which are commonly used to get out of a cold fast.

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1- Take Lots of Hot Fluid to Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of hot fluid including soaps and herbal tea. It will help keeping you hydrated and improve you immune system to defend against viral infections.

2- Keep Yourself Warm and Cozy

Keep yourself warm with cap, sweater and socks etc. Sweating will help you getting rid of toxins and will improve blood circulation as well. Stay in warm and cozy environment to prevent further viral infection.

3- Chew Garlic Pieces to Unblock Blocked Nose

Chew small pieces of raw garlic for 3 to 4 minutes to relieve blocked nose. Chewing garlic pieces is considered one the best home remedies for colds and flu. So if you have garlic in your home, go and chew it for few minutes to get rid of cold fast.

4- Use Nasal Spray

Use nasal spray to cure flu fast. Nasal sprays instantly unblock nasal passages irritating with nasty bugs residing there.

5- Gargle with Hot Water

Gargle with mild hot water. Take 1 glass water, mix 1 teaspoon salt in it and gargle for 30 to 40 seconds. It will help healing the sore throat.

6- Take Steam for Few Minutes

Take steam for 10 minutes. Add few drops of Eucalyptus oil in hot water and breathe the steam to unblock the blocked nose.

7- Take Hot Baths

Have steamy shower and keep you neat and clean. Hot baths are considered effective in killing viruses causing cold and keeping you fresh and relaxed for long hours.

8- Take Rest and Be Relaxed

Take rest and have good sleep to get rid of cold fast. Experts also advise to stay at home for 2 to 3 days in cozy and clean environment. If you feeling tired than usual then pile on a blanket and have sweet sleep for few hours. It will magically defeat the viral cold attack and help in healing process.

9- Take Healthy Diet and Juices

Take healthy diet including juices with vitamins to recover your strength disturbed during viral attack. Garlic, oranges, honey and lemons can be used during common cold. Vitamins C not only help in improving your immune system but also assist in recovering fast from any disease you have.

If you are also feeling irritating with runny nose and watery eyes then follow above mentioned methods to get rid of cure fast as soon as possible.
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