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Blogs have become so famous in current times that a separate verb/adjective form of the word - 'blogging' has been developed. However, the term 'blog' had not been coined until the before '90s. Blogs however existed far before them. For a more detailed knowledge of blogs, let us go deep into the 'history of blogging'.

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The word 'blog' although doesn't create sense comes from an definite source-'web log', meaning the records of the web. Fuse the two words together and you acquire weblog. The term 'blog' is a more augmented version of the word.

The origin and aim of blogging are extremely disputable.

In this reference, it may be mentioned that the first use of the word weblog in reference to the submission of website content comes from the delivery of a research paper titled "Exploiting the World-Wide Web for Electronic Meeting Document Analysis and Management" by G. Raikundalia & M. Rees, two lecturers from Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia The paper discussed the use of

"A Web browser access to several meeting document information, such as minutes, tabled documents, reports and document indexes. Applications are being developed to take standard electronic meeting log files, postprocess them in a variety of ways, and create a series of indexes and summary files. These files are formatted in HTML and exploit hyperlinks to the full in order to relate the many types of information."

several people talk about blogs as to blogs as websites or web pages that provides links and comments to other pages, and it is from this basis that modern blogs emerged. Here is a timeline of the history of blogging:

* Tim Berners-Lee, who is widely regarded as the father of the World Wide Web, as a foremost, created a web page in 1992 at CERN that purveyed a list of all new web sites as soon as they were created.

* In February 1996, Dave Winer created a weblog that lists the 24 Hours of Democracy Project.

* In April, Winer launched a news update page for users of the Frontier Software, that went onto become Scripting News in 1997, arguably the oldest weblog remaining on the internet today. The company he heads, User land goes on to publish Radio Userland, one of the first blogging software tool.

* After John Barger introduced the term weblog into famous use in December 1997, blogging as we now understand it continued to develop.

* In November 1998, Cameron Barrett published the first list of blog sites on Cam world.

* In early 1999 Peter Merholz coins the term blog.
* Blogging started taking bigger footsteps in around 1999- the first portal dedicated to listing blogs was launched, Brigitte Eaton launched the Eatonweb Portal..

* In May 1999, Scott Rosenberg at writes one of the first media articles on the development of weblogs and refers to the growing a certain number of "Web Journalists".

* In August 1999, Pyra Labs, today owned by Google, launches the free Blogger blogging service that for the first time provides an easy set of tools for anyone to set up a blog. The Net has never been the same since then.
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