How To Set Up An Autoblog And Make Money As An Affiliate

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Autoblogging is a great way to create a fun and informative site based around syndicated content that is made available through an RSS feed. Free tools are available so that anyone who wishes can set up an autoblog and tune it to post the exact type of content that they are interested in. For instance, an autoblogger can set up a WordPress blog and build it around any subject such as snowboarding or any other subject that is one of their interests. Furthermore, an autoblog, provided it is set up correctly and thoughtfully can also be monetized so as to pay for itself. How is this done? Easily, but the autoblogger would need a few things in place before starting up.

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The first thing that is needed will be hosting. Proper hosting is probably the most important part of this equation because of the fact that this entire process relies upon whether or not your hosting service makes allowance for the use of cron jobs. Cron job are scheduled tasks that are run by the hosts server. These jobs carefully execute specific commands in a timely fashion so as to automatically update whatever functionality is needed. In the case of an autoblog, a cron job would be used to run a php script that automatically checks an RSS feed to see if it has been up dated since the last cron job. If an update is detected, then the new information found on the feed is syndicated to the autoblog with all of the source links intact.

The next thing that is needed will be a domain name related to the niche of interest. The domain name should reflect the subject of interest. Preferably, the domain name would contain the keywords of interest. This will help it rank higher in the search engine results for that keyword. Although, the domain name is not the only ranking factor for a particular keyword, having your keyword of interest or preferably an exact match of your keyword of interest will help your efforts to rank your site high in the search results greatly. Once you have acquired a domain name, update the Domain Name Servers provided by your hosting service for your domain name. The update usually takes about 24 hours.

Once hosting is located and acquired and the name servers are updated, proceed with the installation of the WordPress blogging platform. Most hosting services have the Fantastico De Luxe script installation software preloaded on all of their servers. If this is the case, simply click on the Fantastico De Luxe icon and install the latest WordPress version. It can either be under the root of your domain of in a sub-folder or on a sub-domain.

Finally, download and install the W-P-Omatic WordPress plugin and simply follow the instructions as per each of the four steps required by the plugin. The most important step in this process will be the location of RSS feeds that are of interest to you and your readers. Preferably, the RSS feeds used would contain fresh and up-to-date content that is accurate and informative. Ideally, you would also write and post unique articles of your own to your autoblog. Unique and fresh original content that has been optimized for appropriate keywords will go to great lengths to help your autoblog rank well in search engine results.

Once you have completed your autoblog, monetize it using an affiliate program that contains products of services related to your niche. For example, with respect to the snowboarding niche mentioned at the beginning of this article, you could sign up with Commission Junction and apply for the EVOGear affiliate program and place affiliate ads around your content.

Congratulations your have built and monetized an autoblog around a subject that interests you. Additionally, you have monetized it so that it essentially pays for itself.
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