How a 18 Year Old High School Student Benefited Using The Internet

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This is a story of a 18 year old person who got started learning how to make money online at 16. He was promised a lot of things and thought he had a goldmine from an income system! He worked harder than he ever worked in his life and stayed in his computer room forever to learn how to make money online.

I suppose you can guess what happened, nothing! He wondered what went wrong, why was he not making money? After spending hundreds of hours in his room, he had a brilliant idea. And as teenage ideas go this was a good one. Why not just ask his mom for $200 to take an Internet Marketing course.

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She told him that it was a complete waste of money and that is when he had to take it to the next level. He whined and whined for hours every day until she broke down. I know that has probably never happened to anyone else.

So after he got his course he spent 5 hours a day learning and putting the course into action. He even sacrificed his homework and guess what happened? Nothing! He was devastated and did not make even a penny. He felt like an idiot. This is not even the worst part, he could not even get his moms money back!

In his 17 years of long life and extensive experience, this was the lowest point in his life. Then, he got mad! How could he try so hard and not make not even one stupid dollar from a home base business?

He was so disappointed in himself that he quit Internet Marketing completely. So of course he went to shut down his account and what did he see? He had emails from 25 people telling him about a new method of making money online. This one promised less a month which seemed more reasonable than what he was promised before.

So he tried it and was shocked at the results! He actually made money just like they promised. Now this was heart stopping for an adult, let alone a teenager. After only working a few hours he made money! As you might imagine he jumped up and down and screamed I DID IT!

Of course he started working on learning something new from home internet marketing methods a few hours a day right away and was stunned at the results! He benefited by not only learning the Internet and all it can do but also learned a valuable lesson on how to overcome his own mind and not give up on his dream. After that, his mom never questioned his request again...

I just wanted to give you my analysis on this young boys adventure. He was obviously young but his thoughts are similar to everyone who wants a change in their life. I always found after of course bungleing my way myself to try to figure out or fix something that I end up going to an expert or at least someone who has much more experience than me. If you are struggling to try to accomplish something, start by seeking those who have done it successfully or take a course to learn more and do it yourself.

Concerning when his mom told him it is a waste of time, you will always hear from those who are negative. I am not sure why people do not encourage more than they do, maybe it is because they are not looking for your good in their mind and do not want you to fail. I say fail! Failing is only a step in learning. The more you fail, the more you learn and the farther you will get the next time. So if someone fails 10 times before they succeed, then get them out of the way so you can reach the tenth one and begin your successful journey.

One thing that I liked is when he said that this was the lowest point in his life and he felt like an idiot. Undoubtedly you will get depressed and wonder why it is not going faster. You will think that you must be dumb if you cannot accomplish this. These are lies, it is only the self talk that we often say to ourselves when things do not go right. The nice part is that we can turn this around any time we want to.

He said above "then I got mad!" in which he decided not to wallow in self pity and he pulled up the mental and emotional strength to keep going. Decide in your mind after you get a hold of yourself that you have higher purposes for your daring to accomplish that which you have never done before. Like what? Start with your family, you want a better life for them and for your future. Go back in your mind to the place where you are sick and tired of not having what you need. This is one of the main hurtles you will have to overcome over and over so do not give up!

This guy got lucky and friends told him about other possibilities. Find the person in your life that does not discourage you, in fact find the ones that want you to learn new things and allow you to fall here and there to practice picking yourself back up. These are the people or two who you will confide with in your adventure. Do not talk to people about your goals who tell you "whats the use?" or "you cannot do that" etc. Only you and your maker know what you are really capable of...

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I am a man that has looked for a business for many years to become successful at and after many tries I have found Internet Marketing. It does not take much money and at 56, being Internet challenged, I can learn this, work at home and quit my jobs. Remaking myself to try to improve me is a ongoing affair, with learning a new challenge comes a better me. Marketing other businesses products and creating a self running system seems ideal to me. Working for someone else is no way to become financially independent or to develop yourself into someone new. For more info go to:

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